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LotRO Hacks

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LotRO Guides

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LotRO Bots

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Here's an older sample strategy from our archives:

Farming Guide

To make a ton of money farming, you need to get to at least 'Master Expert'. You will make some money, but this is when you start to make the big bucks. You want to be able to use 'Soil of Rivendell' to get a critical success everytime.

A possibility is to go the Pipeweed route.

Vegetable crops require ? 6 seeds, 2 fertilizer and 1 water
Pipeweed ? 6 seeds, 2 fertilizer and 1 water

Vegetable ? 6 seeds, 3 fertilizer and 1 water
Pipeweed ? 6 seeds, 2 fertilizer and 1 water

Vegetables ? 6 seeds, 3 fertilizer and 1 water
Pipeweed ? 6 seeds, 2 fertilizer and 1 water

Once you achieve Master Expert, buy enough mats to make a few Pipeweed plants, buy enough Soil of Rivendell as well. Its 3 Soil per attempt. You will be making Sweet Galenas (sp) pipweed.

After you plant and harvest, recycle any 'Poor' plants into seeds, and 'fair' plants into the pipeweed.

You can make about 100 silver after a few plant/harvests.

You can fund the tougher crafts, Scholar being one, and raise those. You can buy nice Purple items in the AH.

Just remember, dont buy seeds after the first harvest, just recycle the Poor plants and all you will need to worry about buying is Water, Fertilizer and the Soil.

And this is what our forums look like:

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