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Here's an older sample strategy from our archives:

New repeatable farming exploit


- An elementalist / Assassin
- The uncomplete quest named 'Gain Olias' from Lionguard Figo in Lions Arch
- Night Fall Expansion


- Metero Shower *
- Starburst [Elite] (or any other quick AoE spell)#
- Inferno (or any other quick aoe spell)#
- Fireball
- Immolate
- Glowing Gaze
- Aura of Restoration
- Deaths Charge* (assassin)

* Absolutely required
# Need two Fast caste AoE spells

The above is what I recommend.


- Fire 16
- Energy Storage 13
- Left over in shadow arts (doesn't matter)

How it works:

- After you have the Gain Olias question and you have your attributes setup, Exit Lions Arch into North Kryta Province.
- You will notice that you have about 5-6 Lionguard Sentry's following you. This is what we exploit.
- Head Left (first left outside Lions ARch), cross the bridge and soon you will see Olias
- Run to Olias so he is in your aggro circle and, then you will notice demons ahead of you (margonites).
- Run back so Olias is not in your aggro. As soon as the Margonites stop moving, Target the Cleric (monk), and caste Meteor shower on him and then Immediately use Deaths charge, then Starburst, then inferno (or your two other aoe), then fireball/and or immolate/glowng gaze to finish off Cleric.
- Make sure you kill him before he gets a chance to caste Spell breaker.
- After Margonite Cleric is dead, nuke the remaining demons, they will most likely be attacking the Sentry's and not you.
- You get all drops, money and items and its spammable. Just teleport back to Lions arch and Repeat.


And this is what our forums look like:

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