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Here's an older sample strategy from our archives:

Leveling Guide 30 to 39

Level 30-39

XP Locations: Yhoater Jungle / Eastern Altepa Desert / Garliage Citadel / Crawlers Nest

Monsters: Plants, Goblin, Lizards, Beetles, Bats, Crawlers

At the start of this range you will still be in the jungle fighting the plants, with the occasional Goblin and Lizard thrown in for good measure. At around Lv32/33 you can move on to either the desert or the citadel. Many people (99%) hate the citadel, but its something we all suffer through. You would be fighting bats in there and any type of food is good for them. This can be quite tricky at first, as you will get hurt a lot. Just try to bear with it. When you are fighting the sets of three bats, be extremely wary of Jet Stream. It is a three fold attack.

In the desert, Goblins and Beetles would be your targets - watch out for Bomb Toss, as before. The only problem about this XP area is getting to it, many new players might not have the Altepa Gate Crystal allowing you to teleport out there and your White Mage will be to low level to have the spell, meaning you would need to pay someone for the service.

You will be happy to hear that your time way out in the desert or wallowing in the citadel is short lived, and you can leave them both around Lv34/35. You will move to Crawlers Nest fighting Crawlers.

At Lv37 you finally gain access to Flash, and as a result you will find it much easier to keep hate from the increasingly powerful skill chains. Begin a battle with flash and provoke. Because of MP you will only really be able to do it once or twice a fight, but that should be enough. Also, you should probably upgrade your food by this point, slightly.

And this is what our forums look like:

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