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In Everquest 2 there are more shortcuts than you could ever imagine. Whether you are broke, can't stand the slow leveling or need a boost in PvP - there are always ways. Strategy Freaks offers the most up to date EQ2 exploits, macros and bots that allow you to level while you sleep, get the platinum for your equipment and give you a real advantage over other players. On top of that you can fall back on the tested and proven Everquest 2 guides and strategies that yield the highest return. See for yourself what Strategy Freaks offers:

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  • Advanced EQ2 bots and macros let you skip huge parts of the game overnight, showing you step-by-step how to go about it.

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Everquest 2 Exploits

Still have to farm for weeks to finance your dream gear? Want to have an endless supply of platinum but don't want to work for it? Looking for better ways to play Everquest 2? Then join the Strategy Freaks experts and community members who have been benefiting from many Everquest 2 exploits for years. And it is still not too late to start using Everquest 2 exploits now. The endless listing of Everquest 2 exploits we have grew along with every expansion and continues growing.

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Everquest 2 Guides

Do too many quests out of so many expansions take away too much of your time? You are going to spend all eternity trying to complete everything solely on your own. If you want to achieve everything you want quickly, you need professional guidance. At Strategy Freaks, you can access a countless amount of Everquest 2 guides featured by an army of Everquest 2 veterans. We do not provide only guides that can walk you through the game, but also hints, tips and strategies that can maximize your farming platinum efforts as well.

Besides downloading our Everquest 2 guides and strategies, Strategy Freaks membership also offers you access to the hidden Everquest 2 community where top-notch Everquest 2 guide writers and game experts come to trade and share their ideas on a regular basis. You can learn new ways to burn through levels and reach the level cap or make more platinum than you ever be able to spend. Read all our expert written Everquest 2 guides today. Sign up for Strategy Freaks access and forget about old inefficient ways of playing Everquest 2.

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Everquest 2 Hacks

Wonder if there is a dupe out? Too slow to grab opportunities after hearing those rumors in the past? Missed out so many dupes after they got hot fixed? Then you must have been an outsider to the Everquest 2 hacks community. But rejoice; your chance to become a part of it is here. Strategy Freaks is one of the most active Everquest 2 hack communities. It has been a home to many elite gamers since years ago. This is one of the few places where Everquest 2 hacks and dupes get posted as soon as they are found. No more relentless pursuits of rumors.

Go right to the source where they all started. The Strategy Freaks community is the place where private programmers gather to exchange, test and distribute their hack programs. We employ full time staff to moderate community activities and give quick support to all members. They also ensure your game account safety and content quality by downloading, scanning and test running those programs as they are being posted. You might be missing out something while you are reading this right now. Join us, great opportunities like this are hard to come by.

Everquest 2 Bots

Ever wish your character could level up when you are at work or in class? Ever dream of your character farming while you are asleep? Feeling that you should be able to benefit more from your game subscription? Then sign up at Strategy Freaks and gain access to Everquest 2 bots which are capable of doing all of the above. With this low subscription price, you not only get access to Everquest 2 bots but also to full support from our staff and experts along with our hidden community where veteran players come to share their tips and tricks.

You can participate in the discussion between our members and experts as they work together to locate better botting areas, develop more efficient leveling paths and exchange their secret gaming techniques. Expect a quick aid from other members and staff as soon as you run into any trouble with Everquest 2 bots or other game related difficulties. You can simply raise your issues by posting in the forum and they will be responded to in no time. Ready to bot now? Then join us.

Everquest 2 Macros

Still wasting your time crafting manually? Ran out of patience and want to get rid of repetitive tasks? Why don't you just download and start using Everquest 2 macros? They are easy to set up and simple enough to master in a few minutes. Just install and run them to record all processes and orders then save the pattern to run itself. You can just watch TV, take a shower or do anything else - all while only checking the results every once in a while.

You are not paying this subscription for the Everquest 2 macros alone, Strategy Freaks membership grants you access behind the scene to Strategy Freaks communities where game experts and private programmers meet to share and test their programs. We also employ full time moderators and gaming veterans to monitor forum activities and answer your questions. Forget outdated, flagged and too complicated programs. Our Everquest 2 macro experts are working along with community members daily to locate and develop better programs and methods for using them. Are you ready to say good bye to those boring activities? Want to start benefiting more from your time? Then sign up right now.

Everquest 2 Cheats

Looking for a way to complete things without the need of repetitive grinding? Don't want to farm for your platinum anymore? Losing the largest portion of your online time to those old and dull activities? Forget about them, go to instances, raids and have fun PvPing with friends and your guild. Use Everquest 2 cheats to handle the rest. Reach the level cap at an unnatural speed and make more platinum with less effort. Gain access to a community filled with game experts who will stop at nothing to deliver Everquest 2 cheats to other members.

Take part in the conversation between other elite players as they are working together on new Everquest 2 cheats. With full support from paid staff and game experts who review all content as it is being posted, you can trust the quality and validity of our available Everquest 2 cheats. If you are ready to get your next high end equipment set or perhaps become an Everquest 2 cheating expert yourself, then don't miss this opportunity. You don't want to find yourself regretting it later on.

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Here's an older sample strategy from our archives:

Throne Room Farming in RE

In RE you can Multiple the throne room First set of Mobs as long as you dont kill the overlord. What you do is you enter The overlord Throne room In Runneye Citedal and go into first room and Fight all mobs and kill the box last. Get the Key and then a named mob will spawn. once you kill that named mob and his helpers, you go out of the room and zone into Runnyeye Citedal again and Zone back and the mobs will automatically respawn. This can be repeated as many times as you want. Just dont kill the overlord till you are ready and you will have access all day to kill in throne room.

And this is what our forums look like:

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