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Archlord Cheats

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Archlord Guides

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Archlord Hacks

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Archlord Macros

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Here's an older sample strategy from our archives:

Good Grinding Spots for Orcs Level 1-30

Levels 1-5 :
The best grinding area for 1-5 is Grave Of The Dead south of Golundo Village (i would recommend that you grind with a sorcerer here).
The other grinding spot is near Kandia Mine where you can fight the Silk Eyeballs.

Levels 6-10 :
The best grinding spot is near Bala Plains where you should fight the Goblin Scouts and Goblin Rangers. The other grinding spot is in Crowcross where you should fight Maryliths and Crawlers. The third grinding spot is near Algema Basin where you should fight Young Direwolfs, Black Crawlers and Whitedrams.

Levels 11-15 :
The best grinding spot is just outside Dark Wave Village, outside Nortop Village and Belliga Basin. You should fight the Cave Deers in Belliga Basin and outside Dark Wave Village. And you should fight Lycantos outside Nortop Village.

Levels 16-20 :
The best grinding spot for these levels is in front of Kuhn.

Levels 21-30 :
The best grinding spot is the best and hardest for these levels... It is the secret teleporter west of Talon Yard and its called Tomb Of The Dead and you should fight all monsters on all floors.

Tip: If you make more monsters attack you at once there is more chance that they will drop an rare or unique item. It says so in the Data.dat in the character folder

Note: You will need skills for levels 10+

And this is what our forums look like:

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